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3/4 Americans OPPOSE Helicopter Roundups

Over the last month, the American Wild Horse Campaign has been busy polling American voters about the plight of wild horses. And after much analysis, here are the astounding results:

74% of American voters, regardless of political affiliation, oppose helicopter roundups of wild horses and burros.

3/4 Americans oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) 2022 plans to round up and remove 19,000 wild horses and burros from public lands.

88% of Americans want our nation’s wild horses and burros protected on the public lands they call home.

79% of Americans oppose the slaughter of wild horses for human consumption.

Right off the bat, 72% of Americans oppose removing wild horses from their natural habitat, which increases to 75% once they hear more information!

American voters have spoken!

Wild horse and burro protection on our public lands is an issue Republicans and Democrats can agree on — now it’s time for our elected officials to stand up for in-the-wild, humane management of our cherished wild mustangs and burros.

Right now, Congress is considering legislation that could ban the use of helicopter roundups for good. Congress passed legislation in 1971 to protect wild horses and burros, yet the BLM’s current roundup plans would reduce wild horse populations to the pre-protection levels that pushed Congress to act over 50 years ago!

Take Action Now

Wild horses and burros need our help now more than ever. Congress needs to hear from taxpayers like you that American constituents want to see wild horses and burros protected!

Will you take action today by calling on your members of Congress to pass the Official 2022 Horse Protection Platform so that we can keep wild horses and burros protected on the public lands they call home?