2019 March Cuteness with the Paints

A lucky day with a wild paint mare and her foal. The foal had more personality than most. Maybe because he doesn’t have sibling to play with. Nevertheless, he enjoys showing off to his mom, dad and to me. Photos … Read More

Birth of a Wild Mustang

A chance encounter while photographing wild mustangs, Kathy Klossner experienced a miracle as a baby foal was brought into the world. And how the band of horses reacted. Click here to view more of these photos of America’s wild horses … Read More

Springtime Brings New Baby Horses

I love springtime. Days are getting warmer and April showers have brought May flowers. Springtime also brings in the new baby foals to the Mustang herds. As I drove to my favorite area to find my band of Mustangs, I … Read More

Wild Mustangs Horses Carson City, June 2015

With daytime temperatures in the high 90’s, I was concerned for the Mustangs. Did they have shade? Did they have enough water? Again, I didn’t find Midnight or his herd in their normal area. I decided to leave the valley … Read More

Wild Mustangs Horses Carson City, May 2015

May 2015 I was in a panic. I couldn’t find Midnight and his herd. As I went on a frantic search of Midnight, I came across a new herd of Mustangs. Buy Mustang Horse Pictures (Click Here)

Wild Mustangs Horses Carson City, March 2015

As I made repeated visits to watch Midnight’s family expand, I encountered several new herds. Including a band of bachelor stallions – trying to steal willing mares, so to start creating families of their own. It was a non-stop show … Read More

Wild Mustangs Carson City, NV Feb 2015

After the Deer Run band of Mustangs were rounded up in 2012, I searched for a new band of Mustangs to visit and photograph. In 2015 I discovered a new herd near Carson City. This amazing band of wild Mustangs … Read More

Wild Mustangs Carson City June 2011

Hanging out by the Carson River on a warm summer day with a herd of wild mustangs makes for the best photo ops. Buy Mustang Horse Pictures (Click Here)

Wild Mustangs Carson City March 2010

My first encounter with photographing wild mustangs was with this herd that is headed up by the stallion I called, Santana. He had a very strong bond, not only with his mares, but with his foals as well. Enjoy the … Read More

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