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Ask Trump Administration to Support Americans’ Desire to Protect Wild Horses and Burros!

We are at a tipping point in the fight for the future of America’s wild horses. The incoming Trump Administration will either support Americans’ desire to protect these national icons or send them down the slaughter pipeline. If confirmed, President Elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior, Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), will play a key role in determining the future for America’s wild horses and burros.

Unfortunately, as a Montana State Senator, Rep. Zinke sponsored a bill to promote construction of horse slaughter plants in his state, explaining “When a horse is too old to breed, too old to ride, or too expensive to feed, a horse is disposed of.”

Sign the American Wild Horse Preservation’s petition to urge the Trump Administration to protect America’s wild horses and burros from mass roundups, killing and slaughter!

Rep. Zinke’s view of America’s horses is obviously troubling and out of step with the 80 percent of Americans who oppose horse slaughter. His position on public lands, however, is somewhat more encouraging. During his time in Congress, he has often broken with his own party to oppose the sell off of our public lands, stating: “I believe our public land should be protected and conserved so future generations have the same recreational opportunities that we enjoy.”

We agree. Public lands provide the ultimate recreational opportunity to view America’s majestic wild horses and burros living untamed and free in their natural habitat.

Ultimately, if confirmed, Rep. Zinke will carry forth the policies of the Trump Administration, which has promised to return government to the people. That’s why it’s critically important to demonstrate to President Elect Trump that Americans overwhelmingly want our wild horses and burros protected on our public lands and oppose their mass roundup and killing or slaughter.

The future of our wild herds is at stake… Please sign and share our petition today! The more signatures we collect the bigger impact our collective voices will have!!

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