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Defend the freedom of 2,000 wild horses in Oregon.

In less than a week to spring into action if we want to weigh in on plans that will affect nearly 2,000 wild horses in the state of Oregon.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) have both proposed wild horse management plans to target four different herds in the state that could, if they move forward without opposition, result in the removal of thousands of wild horses.

The BLM is accepting public comments on a 10-year plan for three Herd Management Areas in Oregon’s Barren Valley Complex, covering nearly 1 million acres of public lands.

While the plan contains some encouraging components, including the implementation of humane, reversible fertility control before any roundups take place, it still calls for the removal of 1,850 wild horses over ten years.

Since the BLM has not prioritized roundups in this area for nearly a decade and the local BLM office has made an effort to utilize fertility control in local herds, this is a unique opportunity to support and expand fertility control programs to manage the horses humanely on the range.

Take Action: Urge the BLM to prioritize safe and humane fertility control over roundups in the Barren Valley Complex.