Horse Sanctuaries provide safe and caring homes for horses that have been abused, abandoned, about to be destroyed, or owners can no longer care for them. These organizations provide a natural and stimulating environment for Mustangs to relearn their freedom and independence, while others care for and prepare domestic horses and some Mustangs for adoption to a new loving and caring home.

Rather than allow horses to go to slaughter or be destroyed, these organizations provide rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and retirement for horses from many different situations of abuse and neglect. If a horse cannot be rehabilitated for adoption due to illness, old age, injury or social behavior, they are retired to live out the rest of their days in a happy and healthy environment.

Most sanctuaries are non-profit and are tax-exempt, and are solely supported by contributions from individuals.

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Skydog Ranch Horse Sanctuary

Address Prineville Oregon 97754 Website: Skydog Ranch Sanctuary


Skydog Sanctuary has locations in Malibu and Mariposa California as well as our 9000 acre ranch near Bend Oregon.

Skydog Ranch is a forever home for wild mustangs and burros who have ended up in horrible and dangerous situations – at kill pens, at auctions, in unloving homes where they have often been starved and neglected. The horses here represent so many different aspects of the mustang issue, once rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management only to slip through the cracks and end up without the most basic care and affection.

All the wild horses and burros here are treated with the utmost kindness and respect and we leave in peace the ones who want to be left alone and give others the love and compassion that they have not experienced from people before.

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Prineville Oregon 97754