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Rosemary Farm Sanctuary

Address 1646 Roses Brook Road South Kortright New York 13842 Phone: (607) 538-1200 Website: Visit our Website! Website: Follow us on Facebook!
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Rosemary Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded in 2012, to rescue equines in need and protect them for life. One of the largest facilities in the Northeast, there are over 100 horses in residence in our magical mountain home, located three hours and a world away from New York City.

“Sanctuary” is the primary essential quality offered to every equine welcomed, in addition to comprehensive medical care, daily interaction with humans, basic gentling for safety, and detailed attention to each one’s health and happiness. These equines are rescued from slaughter, abuse, neglect or homelessness after the death of an owner. Any horse, regardless of background or breed, can find itself in need and Rosemary Farm is home to Mustangs, Percherons, Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds, Gypsys, minis, mules and more.  A select few are adopted, if it is the right direction for the equine, and under strict terms of contract.

Verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, Rosemary Farm prides itself on quality, ethical, long-term care. Approximately one-third of the residents have enjoyed over a decade of quality life here. Compassion is a guiding principle as each life is nurtured, valued, and loved.

At Rosemary Farm, horses live in dynamic natural environments, in herd groups, creating vital family bonds that are honored and protected, and providing visitors a rare opportunity to see large bands of horses running free across a mountain.

Rosemary Farm Sanctuary is ‘Where horses get to be horses’.