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Judge Orders BLM to handle wild horses humanely at ongoing roundup

(Reno, NV) Shortly after a hearing ended in a case brought by Wild Horse Education’s founder Laura Leigh and her attorney Gordon Cowan the Honorable Judge Miranda Du issued a restraining order to conduct at the Owyhee Complex wild horse roundup.

By Laura Leigh

The order cites the courts expectations for humane care at BLM operations. A hearing for Injunctive Relief will give parties an opportunity to address issues at the roundup in more depth. The date for the hearing has not been set, “As an attorney I see a lot of work in order to ensure that treatment of America’s wild horses becomes truly humane in practice, yet this Order from the Honorable Judge Miranda Du shows real promise that the conversation has truly begun.” said attorney Gordon Cowan, “As a horse owner and lover I simply have a smile on my face.”

“I am in tears. Three years of running this grueling marathon from range to courtroom to gain an honest conversation about the inhumane handling of an American treasure now has the very first, specific language, toward actually gaining the first humane care standard in the history of the Act.” said Laura Leigh, “I am literally in tears.”

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