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Miracle Twin Foals in Oregon Need Your Voice

Something miraculous happened last week the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Hines Corrals in Oregon. A mare who was rounded up from the Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) in October, recently gave birth… to twins!

Twin births are extremely rare in the equine world, and of those that are born, 80% do not survive. And when they do, most often the foals are malnourished and need special help to survive.

That’s why, when BLM employees asked Skydog Sanctuary — a highly regarded nonprofit that operates wild horse and burro refuges in both California and Oregon — if they would adopt the miracle mare and her twins, the answer was a resounding yes.

A beautiful story, right? A win for the unique family, for Skydog, and for the BLM.

But the miracle quickly turned to tragedy when the BLM Burns District’s Wild Horse and Burro Specialist blocked the adoption because he had other plans for the mare… She is slated to be used in BLM’s barbaric sterilization experiments!

Instead of receiving loving care at Skydog’s beautiful Oregon sanctuary, this innocent mare will have her twin foals ripped from her side before being subject to invasive surgeries to remove her ovaries in an archaic procedure that veterinarians have called barbaric and risky!

This is unconscionable, but it’s part of a pattern at BLM Oregon, which recently told Skydog that it will “euthanize” (shoot) special needs horses rather than adopt them to the sanctuary. The twisted reasoning: When Skydog tells the story of these special need horses, it gives the BLM bad publicity!

We cannot let this happen. Please take the following steps today!

1. Flood the BLM Oregon with calls. Just say:

“I am calling to urge you to allow Skydog Sanctuary to adopt the mare and twin foals currently being held at the Burns corrals in Oregon. It’s unconscionable for BLM to deny these miracle horses a loving home and the special care they need. Thank you.”

State Office: Main: 503-808-6001 and Theresa Haynes, OR State Director: 503-808-6026
Burns Office: 541-573-4400

2. Sign and share the Skydog Petition – let’s get to 20,000 signatures and beyond!