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President’s 2018 Budget Dooms Wild Horses

The BLM contends that the horses on the range exceed the ridiculously low national AML of 26,700 by over 40,000 animals. There are over 40,000 animals in long and short term holding. 80,000 could be killed if we, the American people do not speak up!


President’s proposed $10 million cut to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Budget which includes chilling language:

“The remainder of the funding decrease will be achieved by reducing gathers, reducing birth control treatments, and other activities deemed inconsistent with prudent management of the program. The long-term goal is to realign program costs and animal populations to more manageable levels, enabling BLM to reorient the WHB program back to these traditional management strategies.”

So what is going to happen to the horses to manage their numbers on the range? Watch this video to learn more and what you can do to safe guard all the wild horses on the range and in government holding facilities.



There has never been such a grave a threat to the existence of our wild horses
as right now!

TAKE ACTION: Call the WHITE HOUSE, your U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, and your 2 SENATORS. We must flood and overload the phone lines with calls. This will take only 4 phone calls—probably 1 minute each.

The White House: 202-456-1111 (Call between 9-4pm EST)

Link to Your Elected Officials: www.usa.gov/elected-officials

Link to Your Representative: www.house.gov/representatives

Never has it been more important for you to speak up on behalf of the future of our wild horses and burros!

1.Leave your name (spell it), and the town where you live.
2.Give 2 or 3 short sentences on your explicit concerns for the preservation and protection of our wild horses and burros.
3.Give your name again and express thanks for the opportunity to give comments.
4.You will probably get a Voicemail—but that’s ok. These elected officials must understand how important this is to you, and phone calls are all logged. If 50,000 of The Cloud Foundation followers will call, that adds up to 200,000 phone calls to Washington DC!


    Thank you for all of the information about this terrible situation with our wild horses. I will be contacting all the people involved in this gross decision. I will also contact many people giving them your site on line to spread the information. Thank you again.