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Support Humane Mustang Management in Colorado!

Please sign by August 3, 2016

On August 4, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Colorado will hold its annual public hearing on the use of motorized vehicles in wild horse management. While we are usually critical of the BLM’s wild horse policies, this hearing provides a rare opportunity for us to SUPPORT the progress that the BLM in Colorado has made toward implementing humane management of wild horses in that state.

The BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board passed an “emergency” resolution calling for the BLM to “euthanize” captured wild horses in holding facilities.

The BLM currently is using less traumatic bait trapping as a priority over helicopter roundups in most Colorado HMAs, and has minimized removals thanks to successful PZP fertility-control programs. Please support these model humane management programs by signing our petition in support of BLM Colorado’s work in these areas. Your signatures will be hand delivered at the meeting by Colorado wild horse advocates with a thank you card to the BLM. Don’t miss this opportunity to take positive action that encourages humane mustang management programs today!

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