Stop this California Roundup!

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is planning a helicopter roundup operation to capture up to 1,000 wild horses in the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in northeastern California. (Act now to stop this roundup. >>) The USFS has an ugly … Read More

3/4 Americans OPPOSE Helicopter Roundups

Over the last month, the American Wild Horse Campaign has been busy polling American voters about the plight of wild horses. And after much analysis, here are the astounding results: 74% of American voters, regardless of political affiliation, oppose helicopter … Read More

NYT Misinformation Regarding Wild Horses

by Vickery Eckhoff of The Daily Pitchfork Sent to on April 4, 2020. The New York Times did not respond. No corrections were made. Dear Editor: Did anyone factcheck Dave Philipps’ 3/22/20 New York Times article, “A Wild Horse … Read More

Future is looking better for America’s Wild Horses

The Trump Administration officially dropped the nomination of William Perry Pendley as director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This news comes just weeks after AWHC launched efforts to REJECT Pendley’s nomination. We want to thank everyone who signed … Read More

A historic win for wild horses!

Our recent win on Capitol Hill is making the news and raising awareness in the places that matter most. ICYMI: On July 23rd, the House of Representatives held its first vote on a wild horse issue in over a DECADE … Read More

June 29 deadline for Nevada Wild Horse Range HMA!

There are just eleven days left to submit comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Southern Nevada District Office to protect hundreds of wild horses and burros from roundups within the Nevada Wild Horse Range Herd Management Area. We … Read More

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