Miracle Twin Foals in Oregon Need Your Voice

Something miraculous happened last week the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Hines Corrals in Oregon. A mare who was rounded up from the Warm Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) in October, recently gave birth… to twins! Twin births are extremely … Read More

Victory for American Wild Horse Campaign

Thanks to your support, the horses on the Virginia Range in Nevada will continue to live safe, happy lives, free to roam on the land they call home. In 2017, the Nevada Department of Agriculture abruptly terminated our partnership to … Read More

2019 March Cuteness with the Paints

A lucky day with a wild paint mare and her foal. The foal had more personality than most. Maybe because he doesn’t have sibling to play with. Nevertheless, he enjoys showing off to his mom, dad and to me. Photos … Read More

Wild Horse Advocates Rally at Nevada’s State Capitol

Carson City, Nevada – Fifty to sixty wild horse advocates descended onto the capitol grounds in Carson City, Nevada to both welcome the new governor, Steve Sisolak, and the new director of the Department of Agriculture, Jennifer Ott. The purpose … Read More

The Mustang | A Movie You

While an inspiring story for moviegoers, “The Mustang” cannot fully explain the challenges that America’s wild horses face. For decades, costly and tragic government roundups have removed tens of thousands of wild horses and burros from America’s rugged and remote … Read More

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